Thursday, February 2, 2012

Buster Boy!!

Well, we have a new addition to the Escobar Clan!


He is a boxer/pit mix! I am already experiencing some judgment from people (who do not have pit bulls or have been around any) about him being part pit bull but I wish some people would give me credit for being smart enough to research it and talk to a professional before adopting one. Usually mean people want pit bulls so they raise them to be mean.

We had been talking since before Christmas about getting another dog. A while back I became a friend with OKC PUPS on Facebook and the other day this photo showed up in my news feed!

I texted it to Misa and he really liked it! He called the contact and we decided we wanted the "odd man out!" He was the only one that was black and white. The rest really looked like Oscar! We found out that his mom and the litter of 9 were rescued and were close to death. Their wonderful foster mom nursed them back to health.
Buster's Mama Returned to Health and Ready for a Home!

We filled out the application and then we waited for our vet check! After all that was approved all we had to do was pass the house check! On Wednesday they brought the puppy from Tecumsa and checked over our house and WE PASSED!

He is a sweet boy and we have already started on the potty training! He and Oscar are still working out the pecking order around here!

Oscar wants to play but he is SOOOO much bigger than him! But they are showing signs of friendship!

I know we might be crazy but Misa is happy the house is now even (3 girls and 3 boys)!

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