Sunday, January 29, 2012

Couch 2 5K : Week 3 AGAIN!!!

So on the 20th of January I was running a fever and had a HORRIBLE cough and went to the doctor only to discover that I had a sinus infection and bronchitis!

I thought that bronchitis was a bad cough but quickly learned it was a lot more. I left with 5 prescriptions and instructions to hold off on C25K until Monday or Tuesday.  I never thought I would feel sad I couldn't run but I really was. Luckily the doctor I saw was a runner as well and told me to just repeat the week I just finished because I would still have the bronchitis for probably the next 3 weeks but she gave me an inhaler to take before I ran.

So Tuesday I went to the gym and started over on week 3!

1st day:
I was able to do all the running but I did have to use my inhaler but I also wheezed pretty bad for a few hours after.

2nd day:
I used my inhaler before and was able to do the full workout and it was easier than day 1.

3rd Day:
It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon! The day before I was with some of my Cr friends that run and they were talking about running at the lake. I did a run outside one time in the dark in my neighborhood and really didn't like it because of my struggle with control (when I run on the treadmill I have set my pace and I am running/walking on no incline). I decided to give running outside another go at Lake Hefner.
 This time I really did try to concentrate on my music of praise playing on my IPOD and feel the breeze and just be in the moment. I also heard one my CR friends tell me over and over in my head "running is mostly mental! Unless your hurt!"  It was more difficult to run outside BUT I found myself thinking of my CR journey and the "one day at a time" mentality I try to embrace and I found myself just looking at what was just in front of me and NOT look far ahead at where I had to get to.
That made it a lot easier! I didn't notice which way the wind was blowing when I got to the lake so when I turned around halfway to run back I realized I was running RIGHT into the wind and the last 3 minute run was a little of an incline. I really struggled and ran 2 minutes and then I walked for one minute but then  what was different than before was I made myself run another minute to stay on track! I really try to keep to the program but I do try to live in grace while making no excuses!

I realize anything I run is more than I have ever run before! And when I finished I and looked at my stats it was almost exactly what it was on the treadmill! I think as long as the weather permits I should try and do at least one of my runs a week outside because it is good for me on so many levels.

Lesson Learned: Be in the moment and just focus on the now and do not stress or focus on where I have to get to..... because if I do I cannot enjoy the journey!

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