Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well, spring break marked our 6th week living in Houston! Our Oklahoma family came for a visit as well as Chloe's BFF Aylssa! 

This anticipated visit was great for getting the house together and decorated. 
They arrived Saturday night and we ate together and then we just talked while the cousins begun playing and memory making activities! 

On Sunday after church, we stuffed ourselves at Lupe's and then crashed for afternoon naps.
 On Monday, we had kind of a lazy/hangout day. My wonderful handy man of a daddy helped me get my laundry room organized with building some shelves! 

Meme made sure all the grand kids got the attention they needed and plenty of rockin chair time! 

Monday was St.Patrick's day so we had our traditional green chocolate chip pancakes! 

We attempted to get a pic of all the cousins together but that was a bit like herding cats!
Poor little Rhett is way out numbered but he thinks his girl cousins are so funny! 

Monday night Lori had a family shower for me and I was able to open all my gifts from Oklahoma from the shower that got iced out. 

Adley even got dressed up for the shower! 

Tuesday we headed to the zoo and at times it felt like we brought the zoo to the zoo! Ha! We finished off the last night with pizza! 

Wednesday morning we said "Good-bye" as they headed back to Okla-home. A great time was had by all and most importantly watching little cousins play, read books together, & look up to each other was the best part of the trip! 

 I can't wait to see how the next two little ones fit into all this! 

Allie is 11!

On March 3rd, our little Allie turned 11. 

We started out with our tradition of birthday breakfast and uncle Matt joined us! 

After school, I had a huge cupcake from Kroger waiting for her! 
Nana and Pa happened to time their gift perfect and so the traditional cereal box full of British chocolate arrived with a card with money inside! 

On Friday, we had a party for her with a couple school friends and a few friends from church. We had pizza, ice cream cake, and we tie-dyed tshirts!

This hasn't been the easiest year. Moving twice and Allie was in middle school in Arkansas and now she is back in elementary school has been challenging. Academically Allie has never struggled (YAY Kumon!) but Texas schools are some of the best for a reason! The bar is a lot higher so Allie signed herself up for tutoring on Wednesday mornings. She gets there at 7 and studies with her teacher until school starts at 8:45am. 
Allie has had a lot of firsts this year:
-school dance
-youth group activities
-the dreaded "girl" video at school complete with a Q&A afterwards
Allie B-
You are an amazing girl with a heart for the broken. You love church and can't wait to be in the youth group again in August. You constantly live life as a musical! You love bubble baths, painted toes, & dancing! You are not afraid to say how you feel! Your little cousins think you are the coolest and you are so patient with them and determined not to make them feel like a bother to you. You are apprehensive about your little sister's arrival, which will make you the middle child. Your favorite person on earth is your Meme and her back scratches! You amaze me with having such an amazing insight to forgivness to those who have hurt you in your life. You can be a worrier like me but when you find yourself worrying you quote the scripture:

You have some amazing life goals and I know you will work hard to achieve them! So Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you!