Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couch 2 5K 2 5Miles: Week 22

Well, this week was a ROUGH week!! I was told I would be better by Monday after surgery Friday and that I could resume my exercise routine. However, Monday night I was sick several times and didn't realize that I had ripped my incision open. =/ I found this out on Thursday when I went in for a check up! My doctor assessed the situation and said it had already started to heal and that he would have to reopen it in order to fix it or I could leave it as is and just have a bigger scar. Since my stomach already looks deformed from the '06 surgery fiasco I just said to leave it. He told me that day that it would be good to get back to running by no yoga at least for another week. So, I left his office and went to the gym and did a run.  That day I felt fine even though I did feel like I was going to faint at the end but I thought that was because I was less than 12 hours off percosets. Well, the next day it was PERFECTLY clear that running was NOT a good idea!!! So I only ran once my week 22. I feel like I am back at week 6 of C25K but that is OK!! I will get back up to running a 5K and then I will work my way up to 5 miles! God is good! And I am thankful for my recovery journey that has taught me to take things 1 day at a time or in this case... One run at a time!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Couch to 5K 2 5miles: Week 21

I had surgery on Friday to clear an obstruction in my fallopian tube so I was only able to Run on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday Run:
3.5 miles (the farthest I have ran)

Thursday Run:
2.5 miles

I also got in some Yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday. It was a week of anxiety with the upcoming procedure and the physical activity helped with the anxiety.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Couch 2 5k 2 5miles: Week 20

This week was a pretty tough week emotionally for me. I got news that I will need to have a procedure Friday the 18th to remove an obstruction in one of my fallopian tubes and with what I went through in 2006 with a routine procedure it causes a lot of anxiety. On top of that, being a parent has been tough lately. The girls are going through a lot and it is taking its toll on all of us. I had to hear some hard things from someone I love dearly. Saturday was a great day as we traveled to Duncan to celebrate the impending arrival of "Baby Bell" at a beautiful shower! Sunday was mothers day and the highlight was defiantly sweet Allie wrote this Haiku for me:
but the rest of the day was... Long story short: We have a new hot water tank, the water valve that broke off under the sink has been fixed, the dogs had an awesome time playing in mud, I discovered a new antibiotic I should not take again because it makes me so sick, we found the worst Italian place to eat on the planet, and I burned lunch! I am glad I had my gratitude journal to look back over and that I had to find things to be thankful for in the midst of the chaos! I am thankful to be the mom to Chloe and I am VERY thankful for my husband who will comfort me while I cry and really hasn't found anything that he can't fix!

I only got 2 runs in.

Run 1 (at the OC gym):
2 mile run

Run 2 (at my Y):
5K run

Monday, May 7, 2012

Couch 2 5k 2 5 Miles: Week 19

So after my "runner's high" after my first 5K, I downloaded a new app to began to train to run 5 miles.
I found this great app that lets you set your own goals and time frames so I am hoping to run 5 miles at the end of May!
My runs for this week:

Tuesday: Run 2 miles @ my Y!

Thursday: Run 2 miles @ my Y!

Sunday: Run 3 miles (Went to the Edmond Y- I love a change of scenery for my "long run" days!)

I was able to do all the runs! I NEVER thought when some asked "what did you do today?" that my response would be "I ran a 5K between church services"! Wednesday was my birthday so I treated myself to a Nike+ chip for my shoe! And my AWESOME husband got me new under amour running shorts and top for my birthday (along with another amazing gift!)!
I really like it and I like that it keeps track of how many miles I have run and at the end of my run it counts down every 100 meters from 400 meters. My friend Steph also sent me a copy of her running songs so I am excited for new praise music to run to this next week! I like to have something to work towards and I am looking forward to saying... I ran 5 miles today!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Outside Updates

Before-1st time we saw our house
As many know when we bought are house it was a short sell. We have worked HARD on the inside to make it a home. With most of the "big" projects complete on the inside, we have focused our efforts on the outside. I will be honest I have never had flowerbeds or grown anything so I felt really lost. My Grandma Bell knows a lot about flowers and growing things so she gave me a book and a lot of great advice about flowerbeds.
In progress-hanging baskets & chairs
We decided what bushes we wanted to remove and Misa tied a rope to his truck bumper and to the bushes and pulled them out. Then he created some great flowerbeds. Misa and I went to several different places that sale flowers and just looked and options and read all the little cards and I watched the one day while we were home to see how much sun the beds got! Our first purchase was hanging baskets and after I kept them alive for a couple weeks I bought a pot and flowers for the front porch to sit between our two chairs.
I really liked the the hanging baskets I bought I then bought 3 more and put them in the ground. My mom and dad came on weekend and we purchased some white flowers and my mom taught me about planting in a triangle!  I really like how the beds turned out! Misa also painted out front door to match the chairs on the front porch.  I really like how it all turned out! We have defiantly embraced the Honduran way of sitting outside and people watching, talking, and spending time together. I really enjoy a cup of tea in the morning outside while I read or just the opportunity to sit and be still.
After- Flowers planted in the beds & blue door

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Year 33 in Review!!

Today as I wish farewell to year 33 and welcome year 34; I am reminded today of the peaks and pits that came in the last year! Overall it was a great year!
Here are some of the highlights:
  • I trained and completed my first 5K!
  • We traveled to San Antonio (for my B-day last year), Arizona (to visit Billy & Sarah), Dallas (to help my brother move), New Mexico (for a quick visit with my grandparents), Michigan (to visit Misa's family), California (for the CR summit), Arkansas (for LTC with the girls and church) and Tulsa several time to visit my family there!
  • Buster joined our family!
  • I found a healthy eating plan that I do not have to count, weigh, or measure anything and more importantly this year I found peace, acceptance, and happiness with my outward appearance.
  • I found an amazing chiropractor who has taught me so much about my health!
  • I joined the CR ministry TEAM as the female "E" or encourager!
  • I shared my testimony 2 times!
  • I hosted a CR TEAM Christmas dinner where I made Honduran food!
  • I discovered christian music again!
  • Amber and I taught our 3rd summer of youth group girls on Ruth and Ester at Wilshire.
  • Ava turned 2!
  • Chloe turned 12!
  • Allie turned 9!
  • I will be an aunt again in June!
  • After a scary few weeks and surgery, Joni (Misa's aunt) is cancer free!
  • Misa did his FE presentation at work and was promoted!
  • We added flowerbeds, flowers, and chairs to our front porch! We are also attempting to grow grass and not weeds in the front yard.
  • We got a camper and have enjoyed 2 family camping trips and one camping trip just me and Misa.
  • My Oscar the Boxer turned 1!
  • I discovered pinterest!
  • We got new family pictures!
  • We got a YMCA membership!
  • We got a Tahoe!
  • We got a trampoline and for a GREAT price on BLACK FRIDAY!
I know that year 34 will be a great year!!!
I hope to:
  • Get some infertility answers soon and hopeful that we can add to our family.
  • Run 5 races by 35!
  • Return to California for another CR summit!
  • Be a camp counselor at QMCC.
  • Meet more of the Brazle side of my husband's family in July in Branson!
  • Welcome Baby Bell to our family.
  • Start a gratitude journal and maintain it!
  • Live my life more like my favorite verse: