Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally... We are expecting!

Well, it has been a long journey to this point and an even longer one these last 8 weeks. We were to,d that we needed insemenation and possibly invitro  if we wanted to have children. However on the first day of classes I found out... After 4 tests that I was pregnant. It has taken me a while to be excited and trying to be patient, not worry, and feel panic every time I had to go to the bathroom has been hard. For those who have gone through miscarriages totally understand this horrible club we belong too. It took me two ultrasounds an my doctor looking me in the eye and saying "You can be excited!" Before I started let myself daydream about being a mom again. I am thankful for good friends that have prayed alongside me especially my "cousin-in-law" Kat who just gave birth to her sweet Asher after their first shot at invitro. 
She totally gets it and I am beyond that full for this prayer she texted me the first week I found out I was pregnant and her last week of being pregnant with Asher:
God we praise you for every day and every moment of life that you give us and our babies. We ask for protection over this baby and over Jens womb and body. May she rest in knowing that you ARE with her. That you DO have a plan. We are so thankful for your kindness towards us and we stand in awe of your Love! We love you first and always! We know you are here and we ask you to remain. Send your Holy Spirit to live in this situation even now. Amen. We decided that we would announce it to the world via FB if we make it to 10 weeks so this last weekend our talented daughter Chloe and I shot this pic to announce it to the world. 

I will be honest. I was feeling old with constant remarks like "Well, pregnancy at your age..." My dear wonderful friend Kelly sent me this letter that touched my heart so much! It is now framed by my bed!

We will get to find out the gender about 10 days before Christmas! We are kicking around a few names. I have been a little sick but mostly I am just an emotional basket case and can never sleep enough. I feel beyond blessed and i am so excited to hold this little one and i pray God grants me the opportunity. Right now I am clinging to my recovery principle "one day at a time... One moment at a time" and thanking good for each day of life growing inside me.