Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chloe's Kumon Success!

Chloe started Kumon in 3rd grade (she is in 6th grade now)!

For those of you not familiar with Kumon here is the wikipedia definition:
"Kumon is a math and reading enrichment program. Students do not work together as a class, but progress through the curriculum at their own pace, moving on to the next level when they have achieved mastery of the previous level. Students are often guided by tutors to develop their mathematical and reasoning skills. Mastery is defined as speed (using a standard completion time) and accuracy.They take an achievement test at the end of each level. The ratio between the time the student takes on the test and the number of mistakes will determine which group level the student will be in on the test. There is a total of four group levels on the achievement tests, and the lower the group number the better the score."

Chloe has really improved with her reading and math! She is almost to grade level in both subjects!

On Thursday Chloe took her DI level test ("Level DI marks the beginning of the Paragraph Building Block. Students learn to write compound and complex sentences by combining simple sentences. Then, students learn to extract statements from paragraphs to identify a statement as a single unit of thought. Students also expand their vocabulary by studying selected words from expository passages.") It seems like we have been working through that level for a LONG time! Each level consists of 200 pages and if you do not meet your time goals or accuracy goals you repeat the page. 
Chloe was so proud that this was by far the hardest level for her and she got her first 100% on a Kumon test!

YAY Chloe!!! I am so proud because she NEVER complains about doing Kumon and she tells Allie when she does. "Allie do you remember when I used to cry about school because it was SO hard and I did not understand things and had to go to special classes! Now that I do Kumon I don't have to." I believe in this program so much and I am so thankful to be a small part of it with being able to help out with the day to day computer and billing work! I know that my girls will be able to get through school with confidence and achievement and be REALLY successful in college.

As is our tradition when a Kumon test is successfully passed we went out for ice cream and because this was EXTRA special with Chloe achieving a 100%, Misa cooked out steaks on the grill for her!

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