Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Oscar the Boxer!

Yesterday 2/6/2012 our sweet Oscar turned 1 year old.
The First Day we brought him home!
Oscar on his birthday!

What a year it has been!
Oscar's First Year Highlights:
  • He ate a bottle of ibuprofen and had to have his stomach pumped.
  • He ate a box of Kleenex and had to eat bread for 3 days to get it through his system.
  • He made his first trip to Michigan.
  • He went to his first doggie day care!
  • He went on 2 camping trips.
  • He has been to Tulsa 3 times.
  • He traveled to Dallas to help move his Uncle Matt.
  • He had a tumor on his ear removed.
  • He is bell trained and can ring a bell when he wants to go outside.
  • His cousin Lucy came and stayed for 2 weeks.
  • He has gone to the dog park A LOT and loves it!
  • He can sit on command.
  • He loves to chew bones.
  • He loves to jump on the trampoline.
  • He loves to play ball.
  • He loves to wrestle with his dad!
He is such a blessing to our lives and has really been the best medicine for me and my depression.  He is a cuddle bug! He is always happy and excited to see me.  He has taught the girls responsibility and has become a GREAT protector of them! I hope we have MANY more years with Oscar! We celebrated his birthday with Oscar's favorite treat.... a cheese stix and he got a new bone (which he reluctantly shared with his new brother!)

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