Sunday, January 5, 2014

House in Texas Take 2!

Well, as time was going along we kept getting different estimates on when our house would be complete in Katy and the last estimate was were we luckily if it was done by the end of Febuary. This was stressful to say the least and Misa and I decided just to look around and see what else was available and have our realtor talk to our builder and see if it was possible to get out of our agreement. Luckily, they were very understanding and returned our earnest money. We didn't see really anything in Katy that we liked in our price range so we decided to look in Cypress. Misa found a great new construction and luckily our realtor knew the builder and his work.

The house is a lot bigger than we were originally looking for. There are a few things we would like to upgrade as time goes on like granite counter tops etc but we couldn't beat the price. There were 3 identical floor plan houses complete in the neighborhood. Misa face timed me in on all 3. One of them had a covered back porch with ceiling fans and a gas connection from the house for a gas grill that a family had built before they had to back out of their contract. It has been complete since October and they were surprising open to negotiation and we got an even better deal than we expected thanks to our realtor Owen. 

The schools are not as good as Katy but they are better than where we were in Oklahoma City and look fairly comparable to Conway schools here.  

I am excited and relieved to make our home there in less than a month and get ready for Emilia to arrive in approximately 118 days from today! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 A year in review

2013 was a busy life changing year for us. 
Here is a run down:
-We began to prepare for our move to Arkansas. 
-Oscar turned 2.
-Allie turned 10.
-Allie played basketball and was on an all-star soccer team where she was the only non-els player!
-Ava came for a sleepover! 
-We listed and sold our house in OKC.
-Chloe and I spent Fridays at the Hope Center Volunteering for the Lone Ranger Middle School Field Trip! 
-Allie ran in her first track meet. 

-I turned 35.
- We moved to OC for last month in OKC.
-Little Rhett Rhett joined the family! 
-We said goodbye to many friends. 
-I left a job I absolutely loved. 
-We survived 2 huge tornadoes.
-We moved to Conway.
-Jake turned 10!
-We found a wonderful church family. 
-The girls went to camp with Wilshire at QMCC.
-Chloe went to camp with our new church.
-We went on several camping trips.
-Mami came for a visit! 
-We traveled to Detroit.

-Misa turned 29. 
- We did more fertility testing. 
-After seeing 3 doctors it was agreed that we would need to try invitro. 
-We had the Bell birthday Bash in Houston. 
-The Berges girls came for a visit.
-Misa and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and 9 years of being together.  
-The girls started 5th grade and 8th grade. 
-I started school at UCA to pursue a degree in Addiction Studies. 
-I found out the first day of classes I was pregnant. 
-Chloe turned 14! 
-We traveled back to the fall retreat with Wilshire. 
-Mom, Dad, Heather, Ava, Rhett, Gma, & Gpa all came for a visit. 
-Allie went to her first school dance. 
-We traveled back to Oc for the Brazle Family Missions Award.
-We found out that we will be moving to Houston in 2014. 
-We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Houston and we bought a house. 
-Buster turned 2! 
-We found out that our little one is a sweet girl. 
-We decided to name her Emilia MarĂ­a. 
-Both the girls got the flu. 
-We spent out first Christmas just the 4 of us in Arkansas. 

One thing is definitely for sure 2013 has strengthened us as a family. Especially Misa and the girls' relationship. It hasn't been the easiest year but I will say that it has been one of growth in our family, individually, and faith! 2014 looks like a similar year of growth as we move again and welcome a little one that will surely change the dynamtic of our family. We are looking forward to a lot of memory making and being able to work together to navigate the peaks and pits of life's journey!