Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chloe is off to Quartz Mountain!

Today I sent Chloe to Quartz Mountain Christian Camp.  Last year was her first year and she was nervous and wanted me right next to her until she left.  Today she was far from that anxious girl and she is so excited to be in the youth group.  I did get a quick hug and was able to whisper "stay out of the drama" (something I was ALWAYS in the middle of when I went to church camp). She has a great friend in the youth group and I am excited to pick my exhausted girl on Friday and hear about her 2011 church camp adventures.   Little sister is jealous of all the new adventures that sister is getting to participate in that she is not included in (up until this point those instances have been few and far between).  A lot of change lies ahead for Chloe this next year and my prayer for her is that this next year is a smooth year of transition and that she can talk to me when it is not.

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  1. My dad went to QMCC when he was younger. He grew up in Altus. I hope Chloe has a great week!