Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mommy & Allie "STAYCATION"

Since Chloe was off to camp for the week, Allie and I got to spend some good quailty time together. We cuddled up in my bed most mornings and watched TV. I bought and cut her up a watermelon (her FAVORITE food ever) and it was gone by Thursday!

I also tried to plan something special each day.

MONDAY:  We went for snowcones and then Allie went to swim with her cousin Jake and spend the night!
TUESDAY: Allie took a test at Kumon that she worked really hard and did 40 pages of review over the weekend. She rocked the test and only missed 3 addition problems & 1 subraction problem.
We went to get ICE CREAM to celebrate her acheivment!

WEDNESDAY: We picked up her bestie Ms.Jazzy and went to McDonald's
And then we went Pelican Bay for a funfilled swimming day!

After Jazzy left (she doesn't do water over her head or where she could possibly go under) we headed back inside Pelican Bay and we went down the waterslides a few times together which was crazy fun.

Also on Wednesday we made our own popsicles! This was a favorite childhood memory I had making with Ms.Karen! We made them the exact same way that I made them with Ms.Karen by using koolaid.

THURSDAY: When Allie woke up I let her have one of the popsciles for breakfast that we froze overnight!

Then I let her pick a place to go eat lunch so we went to jimmy johns!

For dessert we headed to Braums and I let her get a "big" ice cream cone (not a juinor one) even though she only ate a junior amount. haha

I enjoyed my time with just Allie this week! I will be sad next summer becuase she will be old enough to go to camp. =(  BUT I am happy for that experience for her. Tomorrow Chloe is coming home and I know one little sister that CANNOT wait for her sister to come home becuase she is planning a welcome home sign for her. =)

What I have learned:  I am so happy to be emotionally connected to my girls. For a long time I was just trying to do all the "HAVE TO'S" and survive life that I missed out on the enjoyment of my girls.  I need to take more time to do little things like make popsciles and go down water slides!

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  1. jenn that is awesome you and allie got to have a staycation this something allie will remeber for the rest of her life im sooo happy for you love you all of girls they are lucky to have you as a mommy :)