Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Bertha & Our Family's Camping Adventures: Robber's Cave June 2011

Misa has always loved camping and after attending a hunting show he has been looking at campers off and on. I'll be honest, I have never been the outdoors girl so I was a little worried if I would like it. We had been to several different RV dealers and had looked at high end campers and used ones as well but even the used ones were more than we wanted to spend. Then we were driving home one day when I saw one sitting at a car dealership and so we stopped to look.  It was a great price and had everything we said we wanted (a bed up front for us and bunk beds for the girls)! A couple of weeks went by and Misa was talking with the dealer and got an even better deal on it for us.  It has always been a tradition in our family to name our vehicles and so "Big Bertha" became ours on Tuesday June 14th!
We rented a carpet cleaner and Misa cleaned all the upholstery and the little carpet it had in it.  He had to fix the toilet (I am so blessed to be married to an engineer that can fix almost anything!)  I washed all the curtains and walls.  We threw away the old mattresses and added our own. It took us 3 days to get everything cleaned!

The kids were gone with their dad for a vacation and so we decided to take a little camping trip ourselves to see how everything worked! We headed to Robbers Cave!
Everything on the camper worked great except for the hot water and one side of the kitchen sink leaks because of a crack. It was great for Misa and me to get away and be together without constant phone calls. We cooked outside and made great food. Misa taught me how to play Honduran poker. The biggest thing we did was go on a 3 hour hike!
Although I slipped on a rock about half way through the hike and did something to my hip, I did enjoy hiking and felt very accomplished when we finished!  Oscar was a trooper and did the entire hike with us and I think he enjoyed camping as well!

I was very pleased that I enjoyed camping so much and I cannot wait to take the kids! I am so excited to be with them with little distractions and making memories.

Lesson Learned:  I am so PLUGGED IN to my phone and technology that sometimes it is good to UNPLUG and be more present and less distracted in my marriage, my kids, and my life.

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