Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oscar the Boxer...

I had dogs growing up but have never really been a dog lover.  Misa started suggesting that we get a dog when we bought a house and I was very reluctant because I thought that I would probably be doing most of the work. I told Misa that I wanted a short haired dog so he decided on a boxer.  He found a breeder in Yukon and took me to see the one he thought we should get (his name Tracker at the time).  I liked him right away and was a little more excited to get a dog. 
This was the first day I met him! He was 1 month old!

We had to wait one month before he could come home. We didn't like the name they had chosen for him and so we went online and looked up "famous boxers" and settled on Oscar after Oscar de la hoya!  We decided to keep this from the girls so we could surprise them. They were with their dad the first weekend we got him so we had a day with him before they came home.  They were so happy and excited!

This was taken the first day he was home.
I liked Oscar but I wasn't crazy about him yet. The day after we got him I had a miscarriage and was devastated to say the least. Oscar stayed right next to me and snuggled up right next to me the next few days as I recovered. I was so sad so it was really good to have to have to get out of bed to take care of him and take him outside a lot.  I really believe God brought me comfort and healing through him. Since then I have become one of those "crazy dog" people. He has done some crazy things like eating a box of Kleenex and a bottle of Ibuprofen (which required his stomach to have to be pumped) and a lot of people have been less then excited about our chose of bred but I like that he HAS to be taken for a walk everyday and that boxers are such a lovable bred.  He follows me to every room in the house. He is a snuggler and I love snuggling with him every morning after Misa goes to work for a little while. He loves going to the dog park! Last time we went he met a pit bull that was the same age as he was and they wrestled and had so much fun although they ended up in the mud!

In the four months we have had him I have grown to love him soooo much and I can't imagine my days without him! I know we got him for the girls but he is definitely a mama's boy!

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