Monday, April 16, 2012

Couch 2 5K: Week 16

WEEK 16 or as I like to call it "SWEET 16"!
This was a great week of running for me!
This week's Run summary:

Run 1 (Treadmill):
Walked 5 minutes
Ran 21 minutes
I got my first "Stitch" (an intense stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage that occurs while exercising). I texted my running coach from the treadmill while I continued to walk and she explained what it was and said it wouldn't hurt me so I ran for another 5 minutes.
Walked 5 minutes

Run 2 (Outside):
For Run 2 I used my "Runkeeper" App for my first time!
Summary: 2.1 Miles Walked/Ran 25 minutes
Mile Average was 13.05

Run 3 (Treadmill):
Walked 5 minutes
Ran 28 minutes
Walked 5 minutes
I was so proud after that run I could NOT contain myself and I actually screamed "YES" in the gym! HA! However I was SOOOOOOOOOO sore after this run!

After Run 2 my hip was really bothering me the next day and so I headed to the chiropractor for an adjustment and she said my hip was really jammed up in the socket. She said I could run but to run on a treadmill until it isn't bothering me and as long as I wasn't favoring my other leg affecting my running form.

I have said it before that I know now more than ever that running is mostly mental. I really think it is possible for me to run a 5K and that believing I can do is half the battle. I think my hardest thing when running is focusing on how far I have to go. I have started measuring my runs by songs and that has seemed to help. I also find that when I get into the "ZONE" where I am not focused on the running itself I do much better. Before I know it, I look down and 5 or 10 minutes have gone by! And when I think about talking myself into quitting early I think "Come on Jen! You know how great it feels when you beat that run you did last time!"  Sometimes I even say "COME ON JEN!" outloud!
My favorite Running Song this week was:
Spirit Wind by Casting Crowns (Click Here to See the Video)
It is a GREAT song and the first verse is about my most favorite Old Testament Story: Ezekiel and the Valley of the Dry Bones!

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