Thursday, January 10, 2013

God is good all the time and...

Well, the first week of "Operation: We are moving to Arkansas in June but Misa moved in January" has been a ROUGH one!
Monday was the 1st day of the semester, which means I eat, sleep, and breathe the student schedule. I have 600 hours to fill while having to work with 60+ students class and social schedules. So far, I have only had 2 quit in the first week and I have only had to hire 8 new people! That is a new record! Anyways, back to Monday... I was working away when Chloe texted she was sick. I left work as soon as my manager meeting was over and picked her up. We headed to the Urgent Care and they said she had an ear infection and strep. They gave us antibiotics and we headed home. Tuesday night she started running a high fever so Wednesday we went to see our Dr. and she was positive for type A flu.

Allie got her wire put in her mouth this week as well so her mouth has been sore. It has rained for a few days so the dogs have been a muddy mess and they keep playing tug-of-war with any blanket I put in the garage to keep them warm until it is in pieces!  This has happened 3 times. I tried putting old sheets out there as well and they are now all over the backyard.  I will say though that Chloe and I have got to spend some great time together watching movies together that we loved to watch when she was little.
This is a picture of my prayer journal on my phone:
 so maybe all this is God's way of bringing us closer together. I will say since my recovery journey, the tough times are tough but there is a constant and unwavering basline that has helped me to keep things in perspective and not so "life and death". I believe that baseline/balance to be God's presence and the frame I see the world through as I spend more time with Him. So while it may have been a tough week we are pulling together and getting through! We have made a lot more of "Remember Whens" these last few weeks!

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