Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Arkansas Home!

Well, Misa found us a great place to live in Arkansas! We decided to rent for now. We have gone back and forth about renting and buying but with the incentives with the relocation company we decided this was best for this time. I haven't seen it in person but I loved it in the pics! At this point it is really about having our family together and a place where both our "boys" can live. We were considering living closer to North Little Rock but we quickly discovered that North Little Rock and all the surrounding suburbs have BSL's (Breed Specific Laws) and if we chose to live there then we couldn't have our Buster Boy and if we did and he was reported by a vet or found animal control would take him and euthanize him. So CONWAY it is! I called several vets in Conway just to make sure it was ok to have him. I am planning on going there in Feb to see it in person but I am super excited and the pinterst pinning for decorating ideas has begun. If you wanna see pics here is the link to our new home!  

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