Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 A year in review

We experienced a lot in 2012:
-I trained slow and steady and finished my first and 2nd 5k
-Buster joined our family
-Oscar turned 1.
-Chloe graduated level D in Kumon
-Allie turned 9
-Ava turned 2
-Misa built some flowerbeds and we did some landscaping outside.
-I turned 34.
-We began fertility treatments.
-I had 2 minor procedures to help with fertility.
-Allie went to camp for the first time.
-Chloe went for the 2nd time
-I went to camp as a counselor.
-Jake turned 9.
-Adley was born.
-We went on the youth camping trip.
-The girls went on a fun-filled Dallas vacation with Meme and Punkie
-We all went to Dallas for the 2nd annual "Bell Birthday Bash" and to meet Adley.
-Misa and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.
-I went to California for the Summit for the 2nd time.
-Chloe started 7th grade
-Allie started 4th grade
-Allie played soccer and basketball at school and basketball and volleyball at the YMCA.
-I began my 8th year working at OC.
-Chloe turned 13.
-I celebrated 4 years of recovery at CR.
-We had a great Thanksgiving with international Students
-Mema passed away.
-We found out we are moving to ARKANSAS!

God is good and I can't wait to see that 2013 has in store for our family.

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