Monday, January 9, 2012

Couch 2 5K: Week 2

Well, I completed week 2 of the couch to 5 K program this week!! 

I was REALLY scared to do this week but with the encouragement and pep talk from my "running coach" Amy! I did it!
This week had me:
  • Walk 5 minutes
  • Run for 90 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds for 21 minutes
  • Walk 5 minutes

Day 1 was hard but not terrible.

Day 2 landed on Saturday and Misa wanted to Run with me so I waited until he came home. We drove to the gym at 7:00p.m. only to find that it was closed. =(
So, we decided to run outside with Oscar! It was very difficult for me to be consistent with my speed and when I was on the treadmill I was doing about 2 miles but I did 2.25 miles when I was outside and the next day I was sore in places I was not sore on the treadmill. By the end I was starting to like it and was maintaining a more consistent speed.

The 3rd day our new YMCA opened and it is NICE!
They had these cool Nike+Ipod treadmills (I couldn't figure out how exactly to work it but I am excited to figure it out!) They had a fan on them which I REALLY like! They also had a screen where you could make it look like you were running through different scenery.

I wont lie I am REALLY proud of myself for sticking with it!  God keeps putting great christian music in my path to keep me going!

Lesson Learned: I CAN do it! Before my life was such a roller coaster or I was such an emotional roller coaster or looking for "roller coasters" that having the discipline to do something like this was not possible.  Thanks to recovery I am able to deal with peaks and pits while staying engaged in life! 

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