Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Journey to Jumping FUN!!!

Since we moved into our house in May of 2009 the girls have been BEGGING for a trampoline! Once we started paying our own bills I realized I had done a great disservice to my kids by not teaching them to turn off the lights!!

Misa made an agreement with them that if the electric bill was under a certain amount he would put that much into a trampoline fund but if it was OVER that amount then he would take that out of the the trampoline fund. 

Since living here now for a year and half they are getting much better at this and I saw in Walmart's "Black Friday" ad an amazing deal on a 14 foot trampoline with enclosure. Misa had never really been "Black Friday" shopping for anything specific so he had never experienced waiting in line on "Black Friday". 

This year Walmart started their "Black Friday" at 10:00 p.m. so I convinced Misa to go with me at 8:00 pm (although he thought that was WAY early).  Our Walmart had their "Big" items line winding through the lingerie section and I felt like a bit of an amateur without my fold up chair like the "pro-black Fridayers" had but I thought Misa would not even come if I did that!

He did seem a little bothered by the American materialism and said "Honduran people only stand in line like this for FOOD!" but he loves our girls and agreed it was a great price! They had 8 trampolines and I was NUMBER 7!!  We got it home and Misa hid it in the garage until Christmas! Because we were going to be at my moms for Christmas, we debated taking it there and finally decided to cut out the picture on the box and wrap it! They were VERY excited!!

 Misa set it up when they came home from Tulsa and they have lived outside ever since!!  Oscar even LOVES it!!

Lesson Learned:  My favorite thing about the trampoline is that there is finally something that has bridged the gap between my 12 year old and 8 year old.  There has not been any fighting in the last 2 days and that was worth EVERY penny and sitting on the floor in the Walmart lingerie section for 2 hours!

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