Saturday, December 24, 2011


This Christmas I found some fun ways to make some special gifts!
For their stockings I made the girls "Christmas Coupons"!
I printed them on 4x6 cards, then took them to Kinkos and had them bind them!


Some of the "coupons" were:
  • 30 minute bedtime extension
  • ice cream for breakfast
  • Sleep with mom when Misa is out of town
  • Get out of one chore
I also made a "reciepe book" for my sister that has some of our families favorite recipes in it!

I found this idea on pinterest!  It is a "Mom and Me" journal!  The idea is that you write a note to your child and then put it under their pillow and then they write you back and put it under your pillow and you keep it going until the journal is full!

I made these "T-Shirt" scarves (another pinterest idea) for the girls and for Chase and Cole! It was a great way to make old favorites new again!

I made these "PJ Scarves" for a lot of people (and a few for myself) they are so cozy and warm!!

For Ava I made her a "personalized" jacket!! Once again this was a pinterest inspired idea! I bought a purple hoddie and some heat n bond. I cut letters that spelled AVA out of the heat n bond and then I ironed them on the hoddie. Then I filled a spray bottle with bleach and water and sprayed the hoddie and let it set an hour, then I did the back, and then I dried it in the dryer and they washed and dryed it! This was the end result and I really like it!!

One of my FAVORITE gifts I got though was this homemade gift from Allie!! It is a reindeer made from her foot!

Lesson Learned: Gifts made my hands are so fun to give and to recieve!

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