Friday, September 16, 2011

30 days... 21 years in the making!!

Tonight at Celebrate Recovery I got my 30 day chip for healthy, no counting, no weighing, or no measuring EATING!
I can remember as far back as 12 years old about being self conscious about my body and feeling fat. I have tried EVERY diet out there but have always felt like everyday it was an internal battle with food and with my body image which led to an eating disorder in my twenties. These last 30 days have truly been some of the most freeing and life changing for me. I started this journey with 32 days ago after attending the celebrate recovery summit in August.  I looked at it like I have every other thing I had tried and honestly expected it fail and feel deprived BUT it was SO different for me.  I think the biggest difference I think this time is I have finally made a healthy decision and not just a weight loss decision. I have never felt so much energy, emotionally regulated, and just healthy! A lot of people have asked what the "Daniel Plan" is so in a nut shell...

1. If it comes out of the ground or has a mother eat it!
2. No man-made sugars. (Only Stevia, Organic Honey, and Organic Maple Syrup)
3. No caffeine.
4. If it is in the aisle of the grocery store make sure the product has no more than 5 ingredients and be able to pronounce all of them.
5. Organic whenever possible

Tonight when they said "30 days, Does anyone have 30 days?" I wanted to jump up and cheer but I remembered that Friday night is for the newcomer and I did not want to scare people away. hahaha I am so thankful for celebrate recovery and for the daniel plan.  I don't know nor do I worry about if my feeling about this program will change but I do know that TODAY I feel healthy, happy, and good about myself and the way I look and THAT has been a 21 year journey!

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