Saturday, August 13, 2011

Light Bulb Moments!!

For 3 days I attended the Celebrate Recovery Summit at the Saddleback Church in Laguna Woods, Ca.

It was an amazing 3 days which I will share in another post. God flooded me these three days with lots of light bulb moments and I wanted to write them all out together!

"Give God your broken pieces and He will give you peace."- Rick Warren

"What gets rewarded gets repeated." -Rick Warren

"Church should be a hospital for sinners not a hotel for saints." - John Baker

"Maturity comes from humility and ignorance and arrogance are kissin cousins!-Chad Moore

"Perfectionism-insecurity as an art form."-Katrina

"It is not that you have failed it is what you have done once you've failed to determine your true character."-Katrina

"Harmony-finding serenity in all areas of my life."-Maintaining Momentum Workshop leader

"CR-a combination of ER triage and a SWAT team."- John Townsend

"Leaders are learners and if you stop learning you stop leading."- Rick Warren

"God's love is not based on who we are but who HE is."-Rick Warren

On being like Jesus "it's not about imitation but habitation."-Rick Warren

"When I harbor an unhealthy emotion it gives Satan a foothold in my life."-Rick Warren

"People who don't want to get well, don't want you to get well."-Mac

"Worship make you stop for a minute and remember who you are and why you are here."-Mac

Sinner: "God I've let you down SOOOO many times!"
God:"You were never holding me up!" -The skit guys

"When people share they are not always looking for answers... Sometimes they just need to share."-Mac

"I am still someone who struggles but I struggle well and with hope!"-Dusty

"There is no growth without change. There is no change without loss. There is no loss without pain." - Rick Warren

"When you have a thought you do not resist it you replace it."-Rick Warren

"You do not choose your attractions but you can resist them."-Rick Warren

"A true friend walks in when everyone else has walked out."-Rick Warren

"You're not waiting on God, He is waiting on you."-Rick Warren

"Jesus doesn't teach the truth He IS the truth."-Rick Warren

"Wherever you get a big bang you have to get a big banger!"-Rick Warren

"There are accidental parents NOT accidental children."-Rick Warren

"If you do not have the energy to change you won't."-Rick Warren

"My defects are often attempts to meet unmet needs."-Rick Warren

"Truth sets you free but first it will make you miserable."-Rick Warren

"You do not drift into recovery you choose it!"-Rick Warren

"Genetics explain inclinations but do not excuse my sin."-Rick Warren

"My defects are often my strengths being misused."-Rick Warren

"Until you have experienced grace you cannot be gracious."-Rick Warren

"People who have not had a major hurt tend to be self righteous."-Rick Warren

"God does not know anything about telling an empty person to empty themselves for others."-Henry Cloud

The wrong lesson taught in a lot of churches: "God is Good... You are Bad.... Try Harder"-Henry Cloud

"Arsenic is natural, but that doesn't mean we should drink it." Rick Warren

Lesson Learned: All of the above!

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