Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Changing Chloe

Chloe has experienced a lot of change in the last 3 months. I have seen her go from a kid to a pre-teen.

 It has been difficult for Allie because Chloe is not interested in "playing" as much and does not want to watch kiddy movies anymore. Although I still occasionally see glimpses of the fun kid Chloe has always been!

After a lot of begging I let her watch all the Jaws movies and she loved them!

She texts with her friends a lot.

I think that becoming part of the youth group has been wonderful for Chloe as she is making this transition.

She went to camp for the 2nd time this year.
She also went to several area wide youth devotionals around the Oklahoma City area on Monday evenings with the Wilshire Crew!
And she went on a 2 day trip with the youth group to Silver Dollar City and Dixie Stampede.
She has even gotten brave about doing youth group activities with other youth groups. She went to a lock in in Tulsa at my mom and dad's church and also hung out with the youth in Michigan at the church where Misa's dad is a minister.

My little cautious girl has become a daredevil as well.  She and her best friend Alyssa got season passes to white water/frontier city and Chloe experienced roller coasters and fast water slides!
In a couple weeks I will drop her off at middle school and Allie will go to a school all by herself for the first time. I hope that they can remain friends and as close as they have always been.
Lessons Learned:  Listen more than advise.  My experiences in childhood will not be theirs. Celebrate and cherish the small things.

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