Monday, April 28, 2014

Emilia María

Dear Emilia-

You are officially one week old today! Mommy and daddy have waited a long time for you. We found out in Arkansas that we were pregnant with you but you were born in Texas after 11 weeks of moving here. (I thought about making a run for the border so you could be an Okie!) The last few weeks of mom's pregnancy were rough and Dr. Jenkins agreed to induce mommy on Monday, 4/21/14. Your great grandma arrived on 4/20/14 from Honduras and your Meme and Punkie arrived that day as well. 

At 5:30 in the morning we arrived at Methodist West and the induction began. 

After a few hours of contractions, mommy got her epidural. It took a while and some adjusting to get it working like it should and after about an hour mommys blood pressure dropped and they had to get it back up. It was a little scary! Mommy's pulse was 42 at one point. Around 1:00 pm, the nurse said Mommy was at a 6 but just 40 minutes later mommy was at a 9.5. You were facing the wrong way so the nurse had mommy lay in a weird position and it worked! You turned to face the right way for birth. Dr. Jenkins arrived and after 5 minutes and 3 pushes you were here! 

Somehow in the process of giving birth mommys tailbone was broken. It is very Ouchy! 

We stayed in the hospital 2 nights before being released. Mommy was starting to get the hang of breast feeding, with the help of the lactation specialist, when the pediatrician said we had to supplement because you had lost too much weight and you were jaundice. The day after being released we headed to the pediatrician and we had to endure your screams for 20 mins after a heal stick to check your bellirubbion count. Mami was crying as much as you and daddy had to leave the room. The pediatrician also said to let you try to feed on each side before giving you as much as you wanted from a bottle. This is making you a lazy eater and you often cry until you get the bottle. So far, you are a great baby that loves her sleep and often has to be woken up to be fed. 

Your sisters are getting used to having you around and often take turns holding you. Your sisters both had some anticipation about you not looking like them but after looking at Chloe's baby pics and you and Allie's matching angel kisses you are definatly related. 

One of the best things about your birth is watching your daddy with you. He is so attentive and loving.

He reads everything the doctors give us. He loves to feed you and dress you and even doesn't mind changing your diapers.

 He takes his turn with you at night and often times you sleep in your cradle on his side of the bed. He loves when you are awake and all the funny expressions you make. 

I enjoy our time alone. 

Watching you sleep, eat, or the way you seem to follow my voice. I find myself a lot calmer and less anxious than I was with your sisters. I will say this breast feeding thing has been frustrating as I have waited and waited for my milk to come and I have shed a few tears over you wanting a bottle rather than me.  I am thankful that I am at least getting some milk now when I pump and about every other feeding you are drinking moms milk even if it is in a bottle. 

What a difference a week makes! Our lives have definatly been changed forever by your arrival! We are so thankful for you and the miracle you are in our lives! 


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