Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Become 4!

It really hit me last night that an era is coming to a close. For 11 years, as far as girls go, it has just been Chloe, Allie, & me. 

For 4 of those 11 years, it was just us 3. 

We have been through a journey of lots of peaks and pits. 

It also hit me that Emilia will not know the unique experience of growing up on a college campus. I hope our testimony of the blessing of OC is made clear to her. The birthday parties at the playground, the wonderment of the ping pong and pool tables in the Nowlin Center, the endless Icees at the caf, feeding the ducks in the OC pond, playing on the grand piano in the lobby of the Gaylord center, window shopping in the bookstore, and going to class with mom on school holidays and sitting at the feet of amazing professors while coloring! How many 11 year olds get to call Jim Baird their BFF! 

This last year has been tough to leave behind our OC home but it was time for our family to spread its wings and leave the nest. We have a lot of wonderful memories and OC is part of us. So, within the next few days jenchlonal will have a new member. It will be exciting to see how Emilia changes our "Girls Club"! 

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  1. I have been thinking of you ALL DAY! I think you will become 4 girls strong this weekend. My bet is on Saturday. :) So happy for you all!