Sunday, January 5, 2014

House in Texas Take 2!

Well, as time was going along we kept getting different estimates on when our house would be complete in Katy and the last estimate was were we luckily if it was done by the end of Febuary. This was stressful to say the least and Misa and I decided just to look around and see what else was available and have our realtor talk to our builder and see if it was possible to get out of our agreement. Luckily, they were very understanding and returned our earnest money. We didn't see really anything in Katy that we liked in our price range so we decided to look in Cypress. Misa found a great new construction and luckily our realtor knew the builder and his work.

The house is a lot bigger than we were originally looking for. There are a few things we would like to upgrade as time goes on like granite counter tops etc but we couldn't beat the price. There were 3 identical floor plan houses complete in the neighborhood. Misa face timed me in on all 3. One of them had a covered back porch with ceiling fans and a gas connection from the house for a gas grill that a family had built before they had to back out of their contract. It has been complete since October and they were surprising open to negotiation and we got an even better deal than we expected thanks to our realtor Owen. 

The schools are not as good as Katy but they are better than where we were in Oklahoma City and look fairly comparable to Conway schools here.  

I am excited and relieved to make our home there in less than a month and get ready for Emilia to arrive in approximately 118 days from today! 

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