Thursday, February 13, 2014

Texas Triumphs and Turmoil!

Well, in all honesty this move has been a lot tougher then our Arkansas one. With the exception of Chloe, she loves school, has amazing teachers, has made friends both in school and at church, & is finding ways to serve in the youth group. This is their Youth logo and verse:

Allie had to go back to elementary which she was excited about but it's been a tough transition. Her school is pretty strict and expects a lot from 5th graders. It isn't anything that Allie is capable of she just was used to 6th grade in Arkansas where they were more lenient because it was their first year in middle school and a lot of things were focused around the adjustment of changing classes & having lockers, etc. at this school they seem to be getting them ready for middle school so they place a lot of responsibility on self-sufficiency which as a parent I am all for but Allie has struggled with the transition. Also, in Arkansas she was in the youth group and here she will have to wait until August. She is jealous of Chloe and all the youth things Chloe gets to go do. However, for the first time we are at a church where there are several girls her age and she has been able to make some friends.

Both the girls are experiencing life as a minority here at their schools. Allie is only 1 of 2 Caucasian children in her class at school. At Chloe's school there are 1300 students and only 130 are Caucasian. The majority of the students are Hispanic and every information paper they bring home from school is in both English and Spanish. Chloe has made friends with a girl who is Peruvian! She is super sweet and she has come to church with us and Chloe has gone over to her house. Her mom is super sweet and between my limited Spanish and her limited English we have been able to communicate. 

On our very first Sunday here the girls started LTC and so that has been a great way to connect to others and make friends. Chloe has youth group every Sunday night, Girls bible study on Monday nights, and on Wednesday they have "Refuel" which is where they go tot the church after school hang out, do homework, play basketball, and then have pizza together before worship. Chloe has also really connected with her new youth minister, Chris, he plays ukulele and wears bow ties! 

Our house is a huge blessing! We have had 2 water problems that, Lord willing, have now been fixed! We are slowly making this house our home. Between my limited ability because of being pregnant, Misa's work schedule, and life in general with running kids, homework, cooking, and laundry. It is moving along about like a herd of turtles walking through peanut butter! 

Yesterday, marked my 200th day for being pregnant. Her nursery is still empty but hopefully that will change here in the next few weeks. For the most part I have been feeling well. I had a blood clot scare and my hip and low back have been bothering me at night so about 3:00 am I have to get up and attempt to sleep sitting up. I have found a great chiropractor here and that is helping when I am able to go. Until we reach our family deductable it costs me $60 a visit. I know we are close reaching that and there are a few things that haven't been put through the insurance yet that might put us there. After that it will only be $12 a visit! So in the mean time, I am resting a lot and attempting to take it easy. If you know me, it is difficult to sit in a mess and be patient. Misa is amazing though! He always has me sit down and direct when we are able to hang things and the kids are great to help pick things off the floor or get things out of low cabinets for me. 

Oscar and Buster have had their own adjustment issues! First off our new house has stairs and it took Buster and hour to muster up the courage to climb them. They pooped on the couch upstairs the first day and then the other morning Buster ate Allies glasses. Then one of them stepped in poop in the backyard and tracked that in. Misa installed a dogdoor in the back door so I don't have to get up to let Oscar out because he can't seem to hold it all night. Right now the rest of our street is being built so they love sitting upstairs at Allies window watching all the workers! Needless to say they have caused some frustrating situations but I am praying its out of their systems! They have always been a little naughty but haven't been ones to have accidents in the house! 

One of the best things about living here is getting to spend time with Adley! She loves her cousins and either loves her fur-cousins or is hitting them yelling "BACK! BACK!" 

So, like I said... This move has been a journey in and of itself. I am praying that it is only up from here for all of us and that we can find our "family rhythm" soon enough! 

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  1. I feel for Allie; I had a somewhat similar experience on my 6th move, from Germany to Illinois. It was my worst moving experience. In Germany I was in High School and I loved it. I loved the challenges and the freedom I was given there. Then we moved to Illinois, and I had to go to Middle School. I had never been to Middle School before and it felt like an insult. In Germany I went straight from Elementary to High (there was no in-between). I went from changing classes, having a free lunch period where I could go anywhere I wanted for lunch, and challenging classes (Germany) to school lunch, recess (complete with childish playground), and dumbed-down classes with hardly any freedom or responsibility given (Illinois). It was the most horrible 6 months of my teenage life. I say this not to sound depressing, but to let Allie know it'll get better. It may take a while, and it will be tough, but eventually the sun will burst through the clouds. After I weathered my horrid 6 months of Middle School it was so much better. Hang in there Allie!
    -kristin creekmore