Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 A year in review

2013 was a busy life changing year for us. 
Here is a run down:
-We began to prepare for our move to Arkansas. 
-Oscar turned 2.
-Allie turned 10.
-Allie played basketball and was on an all-star soccer team where she was the only non-els player!
-Ava came for a sleepover! 
-We listed and sold our house in OKC.
-Chloe and I spent Fridays at the Hope Center Volunteering for the Lone Ranger Middle School Field Trip! 
-Allie ran in her first track meet. 

-I turned 35.
- We moved to OC for last month in OKC.
-Little Rhett Rhett joined the family! 
-We said goodbye to many friends. 
-I left a job I absolutely loved. 
-We survived 2 huge tornadoes.
-We moved to Conway.
-Jake turned 10!
-We found a wonderful church family. 
-The girls went to camp with Wilshire at QMCC.
-Chloe went to camp with our new church.
-We went on several camping trips.
-Mami came for a visit! 
-We traveled to Detroit.

-Misa turned 29. 
- We did more fertility testing. 
-After seeing 3 doctors it was agreed that we would need to try invitro. 
-We had the Bell birthday Bash in Houston. 
-The Berges girls came for a visit.
-Misa and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and 9 years of being together.  
-The girls started 5th grade and 8th grade. 
-I started school at UCA to pursue a degree in Addiction Studies. 
-I found out the first day of classes I was pregnant. 
-Chloe turned 14! 
-We traveled back to the fall retreat with Wilshire. 
-Mom, Dad, Heather, Ava, Rhett, Gma, & Gpa all came for a visit. 
-Allie went to her first school dance. 
-We traveled back to Oc for the Brazle Family Missions Award.
-We found out that we will be moving to Houston in 2014. 
-We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Houston and we bought a house. 
-Buster turned 2! 
-We found out that our little one is a sweet girl. 
-We decided to name her Emilia María. 
-Both the girls got the flu. 
-We spent out first Christmas just the 4 of us in Arkansas. 

One thing is definitely for sure 2013 has strengthened us as a family. Especially Misa and the girls' relationship. It hasn't been the easiest year but I will say that it has been one of growth in our family, individually, and faith! 2014 looks like a similar year of growth as we move again and welcome a little one that will surely change the dynamtic of our family. We are looking forward to a lot of memory making and being able to work together to navigate the peaks and pits of life's journey! 

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