Monday, August 26, 2013

New Schools...

Well, we all survived our new schools. 

When we moved to Conway we discovered that Allie would be in Middle School in 5th grade at Simon Middle school. This school has about 800 students for 5th, 6th, & 7th grade! She managed to have her schedule memorized by the 3rd day and made it on time to all 8 of her classes. We went to her open house on Thursday and met all her teachers. How sweet is this?? Allie showed me her "mean dean of students" at open house last night!  I said "oh! That is what Neil does!" Allie said "no mom that guy is in charge of discipline! Neil helps people!" Then the next day, she came home and told me this. "Mom I started making friends with the Dean today. I figured you were friends with Neil and you never got in trouble so I should be friends Mr. Smith!"

As always Allie has made friends quickly and she informed me Friday that she has joined the "Stomp Club!" HA!

Chloe attends the junior high in town which has 1500 kids in 8th & 9th grade! The size of the school has been a little overwhelming to her. The first day she got to ride with Alex from church but it wasn't a great day after that. Tuesday it started to turn around and her friends from church made sure they found her and ate lunch with her. I love that she can go to school with her church friends! By Friday, she said she likes school and likes it here! 

I began classes at UCA. When I went to my second class and he starts the class with 
"I don't do slides! I teach with Wtsd style. Write that s*** down! I like to use adult language so get used to it!" It is very strange to be in a classroom where no matter the subject the bible is not the foundation. I did find it interesting that me professor this morning said that people who have not explored and defined their spirituality are not as successful in recovery. I do love the information and the topics of class and I am already learning A LOT & because I know it is what I want to do with my life I am very excited and eager to learn! 

So, we all had some ups and downs but we survived our first week! Most importantly God has continued to reveal more and more blessings that have come from moving here! 

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