Sunday, August 18, 2013

Best Summer Ever...

Well, today was the last day of summer vacation! I asked the girls if they liked their summer and the agreed (which is rare these days) that it was the best summer ever! 
A lot has happened in the last 3 months:
-We moved & got settled in our lovely home!
-We fell in love with pineapple whip!
-Chloe and Allie went to QMCC.

-Chloe went to impact @ Lipscomb!

-Chloe & Allie went on a little trip with Meme and Punkie to Memphis.
-Allie's legs grew!
-Oscar and Buster have enjoyed the wildlife here!
-Allie went to Magic Springs with her new friend Ava! 
-The girls had a great time at Sunday Supper, Sidewalk, helping out with Mondays for Moms, Girls night, & service week with their new forever family at UCC!

-Misa and I went camping in a tent in the Ozarks.
-The whole Bell crew went to Houston for the 3rd annual "Bell Birthday Bash"!
-Mami came from Honduras and we had the best adventure with her to Michigan and Oklahoma!
-Chloe wore a flower on her head for 10 days!
-Misa turned 29!
-Misa and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!
-We went on a family Off-Roading Adventure!
-Alyssa came and stayed for a week!
-Chloe started to learn how to drive!

-The Berges Babes came for a weekend.
We do really love it here and God truly answered our prayers and quieted our "worries"! Tomorrow we will not have any elementary kids anymore. 😂
Our minister/bible class teacher challenged us to write a blessing for the school year over our children! I loved doing this and even picked a verse that will be our "School Year" verse! 

God has truly made His presence and blessings known! How many kids do you know that have to move to another state and away from their home, friends, family, and church family would say 3.5 months later that they had the best summer of their lives! That is God my friends! 

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  1. So glad to read how blessed your summer has been!