Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blessings in Arkansas

Well, we have lived in Arkansas for almost a month and what a wonderful showering of blessing it has been! I always thought of myself as a big city girl but Ill tell you, I love it here! I truly feel like God has placed us here and is showing us blessings daily! So far these are some of the blessings we have seen:
-Our new church home University church of Christ.(The girls love the youth group, I have met some amazing godly women, great bible classes, I was invited to sing anytime with the praise team, and I have met and connected with an amazing elder.) 

-My new Celebrate recovery: ( Ill be honest, I was nervous the first time I went to their CR. I had a case of the "what-ifs"-What if it isn't safe?; What if they won't let me serve?- well, it is safe and ran by people who love The Lord, love their own recovery, and are passionate about helping others along in theirs. I am already plugged in and read the principles last night and spoke to the leaders about serving anywhere else they need me.)

-An amazing chiropractor (I met my new chiro at church! She is awesome and I love their clinic!) 

-A great doctor for fertility issues (I was really frustrated with my primary care doctor here because I had asked for a referral June 4th and I still don't have it! I mentioned this to my new chiro and she recommended Dr.Michael Wood! We spoke about my medical history and infertility issues and for the first time I felt like someone listened and related my past medical history to our fertility issues. When I left his office, I sat in my car as tears of hope streamed down my face.)

-Seeing God's beautiful creation daily: (It is beyond beautiful here! Beautiful creeks and rivers cut through the lushus green trees that line the roads and there are lakes everywhere. The sunsets and sunrises are some of the prettiest I have ever seen!) 
-A great house (I really like the house Misa picked out! It's a little outside of the city limits and it is super quiet.) 

-Are family is together again: (Living apart for 6 months makes one really appreciate little things like 9:00 pm frosty and French fry runs, little trips to SAMs together in Little Rock, movie nights, and Sunday Morning pancakes before church.) 

-Getting to spend the summer with my girls: (We are blessed that I will not have to find a job right away. I am very thankful to get to stay home with the girls and help them adjust, get the house in order, and just be in the moment with them whether its Allie baking up a storm or late night talks with Chloe where for a moment it's like she forgets she a teen and listens to some life lessons I have learned and we laugh together about silly things.)

-Awesome flea markets: (Every 5 feet there is a flea market here. I have browsed in a lot of them and so far my favorite one in located in a little town we live by called Greenbriar. So far I have bought two old windows and an awesome piece of 1930s barnwood!)

-The friendly people of Conway- (The first timeI went to Walmart I thought it was strange that the people behind me at the checkout line started talking to me about something in my basket but after going several times I have learned that is just how people are round here. Their drivers are also friendly and let you in!)

I will always be an Okie at heart but I really think we will live a life of contentment here! 

God is so good and as a dear Irish friend told me almost 10 years ago during the biggest storm of my life, "Jennifer, God is in this! Just like he has been there in the calm, He is right beside you in this storm." Through my recovery and spiritual growth, I have a lot more calm these days and I am able to stay a little more centered when those storms of life come.

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