Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we had a GREAT Thanksgiving despite the fact that Misa had to attend a school for work the entire week of Thanksgiving. The girls and I decided to stay home and to invite any of my student workers over that did not have anywhere to go. We had 7 guests! I cooked and we ate!

Thursday night the girls and I decided to go to the movies and we saw "Life of Pi"! Chloe and I loved it but it was a little too scary for Allie.

That night we got home and drug out the tree and Christmas decorations. We put everything up except for the ornaments on the tree.

Friday, we got up and headed to Kohl's where we got the girls yearly Christmas Ornaments for free with all the coupons and discounts I had. Then we headed to Walmart to get groceries and saw that they had Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Movies for $2.49 so we ended up with some great Black Friday deals without the chaos. Misa ended up coming back Friday afternoon and we just had a quiet day at home. We hung the ornaments, watched movies, and hung out together. Chloe's friend Alyssa came over so that they could make a movie for Chloe's book report at school. You can watch it here:

Saturday, Misa was off to work again. My sister-in-law, brother, niece, and their friend came up for the day. We ate lunch and left Uncle Matt with the kids and the football and got some shopping done! Then we came back home for OU/OSU game.

Sunday, we had a great worship at church with and later on Misa and I went and got some Christmas shopping done.

Oscar and Buster enjoyed Thanksgiving as well! Oscar got into the mac-n-cheese but Buster was a good boy and only ate what I gave him. He did have a full tummy and took a long nap!

It was nice to just be home and have a real break with not a ton of organized planning.

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