Saturday, December 22, 2012


This past Tuesday Mema passed from this life. Mema and I had a tough journey in our relationship but this last Thursday as we buried her I have never been more thankful for my recovery.  Without it, I would not have been able to let go and forgive her a few years ago and that made her passing one of no regrets for me.
There were a few things about her that I know:
1. I know she truly loved God.

2. I know she cared enough for her grand kids to save the heels of bread for when we came so that we could feed the ducks.

3. I know she loved my Pop.

4. I know she was generous with her money and helped the girls and me when their dad left a lot financially.

5. I know she loved OU.

6. I know she hated her middle name that we all loved to call her. Imogene Maudelou

As I walked past her casket at the end of the funeral, I placed a letter with her that allowed me to say my good-byes and everything I felt I need to say to her.

I am so thrilled for you mema that you have found true peace. Give a cuddle to Pop and Aunt Andrea for me.

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