Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Year 33 in Review!!

Today as I wish farewell to year 33 and welcome year 34; I am reminded today of the peaks and pits that came in the last year! Overall it was a great year!
Here are some of the highlights:
  • I trained and completed my first 5K!
  • We traveled to San Antonio (for my B-day last year), Arizona (to visit Billy & Sarah), Dallas (to help my brother move), New Mexico (for a quick visit with my grandparents), Michigan (to visit Misa's family), California (for the CR summit), Arkansas (for LTC with the girls and church) and Tulsa several time to visit my family there!
  • Buster joined our family!
  • I found a healthy eating plan that I do not have to count, weigh, or measure anything and more importantly this year I found peace, acceptance, and happiness with my outward appearance.
  • I found an amazing chiropractor who has taught me so much about my health!
  • I joined the CR ministry TEAM as the female "E" or encourager!
  • I shared my testimony 2 times!
  • I hosted a CR TEAM Christmas dinner where I made Honduran food!
  • I discovered christian music again!
  • Amber and I taught our 3rd summer of youth group girls on Ruth and Ester at Wilshire.
  • Ava turned 2!
  • Chloe turned 12!
  • Allie turned 9!
  • I will be an aunt again in June!
  • After a scary few weeks and surgery, Joni (Misa's aunt) is cancer free!
  • Misa did his FE presentation at work and was promoted!
  • We added flowerbeds, flowers, and chairs to our front porch! We are also attempting to grow grass and not weeds in the front yard.
  • We got a camper and have enjoyed 2 family camping trips and one camping trip just me and Misa.
  • My Oscar the Boxer turned 1!
  • I discovered pinterest!
  • We got new family pictures!
  • We got a YMCA membership!
  • We got a Tahoe!
  • We got a trampoline and for a GREAT price on BLACK FRIDAY!
I know that year 34 will be a great year!!!
I hope to:
  • Get some infertility answers soon and hopeful that we can add to our family.
  • Run 5 races by 35!
  • Return to California for another CR summit!
  • Be a camp counselor at QMCC.
  • Meet more of the Brazle side of my husband's family in July in Branson!
  • Welcome Baby Bell to our family.
  • Start a gratitude journal and maintain it!
  • Live my life more like my favorite verse:

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