Monday, May 7, 2012

Couch 2 5k 2 5 Miles: Week 19

So after my "runner's high" after my first 5K, I downloaded a new app to began to train to run 5 miles.
I found this great app that lets you set your own goals and time frames so I am hoping to run 5 miles at the end of May!
My runs for this week:

Tuesday: Run 2 miles @ my Y!

Thursday: Run 2 miles @ my Y!

Sunday: Run 3 miles (Went to the Edmond Y- I love a change of scenery for my "long run" days!)

I was able to do all the runs! I NEVER thought when some asked "what did you do today?" that my response would be "I ran a 5K between church services"! Wednesday was my birthday so I treated myself to a Nike+ chip for my shoe! And my AWESOME husband got me new under amour running shorts and top for my birthday (along with another amazing gift!)!
I really like it and I like that it keeps track of how many miles I have run and at the end of my run it counts down every 100 meters from 400 meters. My friend Steph also sent me a copy of her running songs so I am excited for new praise music to run to this next week! I like to have something to work towards and I am looking forward to saying... I ran 5 miles today!

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