Friday, May 4, 2012

Outside Updates

Before-1st time we saw our house
As many know when we bought are house it was a short sell. We have worked HARD on the inside to make it a home. With most of the "big" projects complete on the inside, we have focused our efforts on the outside. I will be honest I have never had flowerbeds or grown anything so I felt really lost. My Grandma Bell knows a lot about flowers and growing things so she gave me a book and a lot of great advice about flowerbeds.
In progress-hanging baskets & chairs
We decided what bushes we wanted to remove and Misa tied a rope to his truck bumper and to the bushes and pulled them out. Then he created some great flowerbeds. Misa and I went to several different places that sale flowers and just looked and options and read all the little cards and I watched the one day while we were home to see how much sun the beds got! Our first purchase was hanging baskets and after I kept them alive for a couple weeks I bought a pot and flowers for the front porch to sit between our two chairs.
I really liked the the hanging baskets I bought I then bought 3 more and put them in the ground. My mom and dad came on weekend and we purchased some white flowers and my mom taught me about planting in a triangle!  I really like how the beds turned out! Misa also painted out front door to match the chairs on the front porch.  I really like how it all turned out! We have defiantly embraced the Honduran way of sitting outside and people watching, talking, and spending time together. I really enjoy a cup of tea in the morning outside while I read or just the opportunity to sit and be still.
After- Flowers planted in the beds & blue door

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