Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"New" Cars!

Over the last few weeks we have sold our cars and bought "new to us" cars. I was surprised about how I was attached to "Madame Blueberry" (1997 Honda CRV). She was a good car! I got her with the help of my grandparents 8 years ago. She got us where we need to go. She never broke down! She traveled the turnpike to Tulsa and back many times, made 4 trips to Michigan and back, and got us around town!

I did sell her to a wonderful person! Yves is a Rwandan Student that is studying Engineering at OC! He also works with Rwandans for Water and helps to drill clean wells in Rwanda. This is him in Rwanda at a drill site:
I cannot say enough good things about Yves!! He is a natural born leader and has a passion for his country and people! I cannot wait to see the how God uses this young man to change the world!

Misa has discovered car auctions and purchased a little 2005 Kia Spectra!  She needs some TLC but Misa has already put on new brakes, did a tune up, put on new windshield wipers, and got her some new tires! We still have some cosmetic things to do but she runs great and most importantly gets 30 miles to the gallon!! As is the tradition in our family she has a named and Allie was so distraught over selling Madame Blueberry I promised her she could name the next car so "Senora Oreo" it is!

Misa has always looked online at cars so when he said he wanted sell his truck I really did not take him seriously becuase he has always said that at least every few weeks since he purchased "The Beast" (2009 Dodge Ram). But this time he actually started to go and look at cars and then he traded in his truck for a 2007 Tahoe!  After going through a few names, we have started calling it "TAHIE" because Allie thought that was what kind of car it was and Chloe and I thought it was funny!

Because Misa has a work truck so we are only use "TAHIE" for long trips.  The great thing is she can pull "Big Bertha" (our camper).  

Lesson Learned: God is so good!! He has taken care of us and kept us safe and given us the ability and means to buy these cars to get us from A to Z!  

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