Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have learned with my international people experiences that Americans take A LOT of pics of themselves so the idea of "family pics" has been a little different for my Honduran born and bred husband.  After some prompting from his Grandma Dorothy Misa said "I guess we can get some family pics" (even though he thought we would just be taking one picture... haha). I contacted Judson Copeland (we grew up at BAcoC together and now he works at OC) and we met at a park in OKC.  Misa was a GREAT sport and when we got done he even said it was not that bad! Below are some of MY favs!

Lesson Learned: Memories and Families are not made by photos BUT I know I love having them and looking at them but NOT having them all the time really helps me appreciate them that much more!

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