Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeding Emilia

Let me be honest here... I have never been successful at breast feeding for lots of different reasons with each girl. However, I have finally found a way to feed Emilia and not feel like a failure as a woman. Apparently, there is a number of women who exclusive pump (EP) for their children!
 It is like I found what fits me best as a mom. There are pros and cons just like any which way you choose to feed your child. Basically I pump every 3 hours and once during the night (most nights). 
I have found a group on Facebook that has been a great encouragement & full of great information. Now at times in this group there are a few fanatics

 but I have learned so much about how to increase my milk, lactation cookie recipes, issues other moms have had, & we all celebrate with a mom no matter if a mom chooses EP for 6 weeks or 12 months! I don't know how long I will do it as with the rest of my life I am taking it one day at a time! And yes there are some days she gets formula and I am ok with that and finally don't feel like I have failed! 

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  1. Glad you found something that works for you. I was able to nurse and pump a long time with the boys, but it just didn't work with Button. It was difficult to accept that I wasn't going to get to nurse or pump as long as I did with the boys, but it has worked out just fine. She's healthy and happy. Good luck! You're a great mama!