Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

Our family is a Duck Dynasty family! When it is on TV we record ever episode (even re-runs)! Last week we listened to Phil Robertson's (the patriarch and creator of Duck Commander) audio biography book! This last month as been a regular difficult one.Chloe has really struggled with the upcoming move and because of some recent events I have been homeschooling this month. There as been a lot of tension between us, but I know that God' purpose will prevail.  I decided to ask the girls it they wanted to listen to it because we are now in the car 2 hours a day and they were very excited! Once again God was in the middle of our storm of life! Phil's book "Happy Happy Happy!" Is his story but more importantly God's story of redemption and healing in his life! 

We had so much fun listening to it and we were sad when we finished the book today. We all really listened as Phil told of how his youngest son Jep started going down the wrong path and how he came back to God. I am so glad Phil wrote the book because it really brought us together the last week! One thing that intrigued me (& there were many) is the fact that Phil often on the show and in the book refers to God as "The Almighty". I remember hearing older people use this word to described God but this time I wanted to find out what it really meant. I read several definitions online but these were the ones that I liked the best:
-having complete control and power
I then discovered that this word is used 58 times in the bible. I think my generation as made a relationship with God seem more of a friendship(which I believe to be true), ybut I think sometimes we have lost the idea of reverence and acknowledgement that is so much more... He is the Almighty! I definitely be using the phrase more often. I am sooooo thankful for a family is West Monroe, LA that has brought my family back together! 

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