Monday, October 8, 2012

Sports Girl!

This year has been the first year that Allie has shown interest in playing any sports. This summer at camp she really bonded with some of the high school girls over volleyball so we signed her up at the YMCA to play for 6 weeks this fall! I love YMCA sports! They practice one night a week and the games on all on Saturday! She is getting the hang of serving, calling it, and volleying it over the net.

The tournament TEAM! It was a cold day!
Also, at her school they do 4 weeks of soccer, 4 weeks of basketball, and 4 weeks of track and then they have a tournamnet for the top teams. Allie just finished up soccer this past weekend and they made it to the tournament being undefeated but they lost their first game on Saturday so we were out. There were lots of tears and this morning she asked if she could stay home. When I asked her
"Why?" she said "Mr. Radar is going to say we did our best but that we lost the tournament!" I told her she had to go.

I think playing sports has been good for Allie. As her mother's daughter, she likes things to be perfect. I think it is good for her perfectionism to have to practice.  She is looking forward to basketball at school starting in November and Chloe even signed up to play Y ball in Decemember! Looks like our Saturday's are booked for a while!

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