Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Day of Summer!!

I cannot believe this is the LAST day of summer!! It was a great but busy summer! With Chloe in the youth group now it felt like we were constantly running here and there.
Here are some of the highlights:
  • Jake turned 9
  • Church camp
  • Kumon on Tuesday and Thursdays!
  • The girls went on a little vacay with my parents to Dallas where they got to go to the zoo and Hurricane Harbor!
  • Adley was born
  • Each of the girls took a separate trip to Tulsa to spend time with Meme and Punkie.
  • Bell Birthday Bash in Dallas
  • Lots of Frontier City and White Water Bay Trips!
  • Youth camping trip
  • Allie went on an over night trip to Tulsa with Uncle Terry, Jake, and Wil and went to the aquarium.
  • Lots of cousin sleepovers with Jake and swimming in his pool!
  • Lots of movie nights!
  • Allie learned to dive thanks to her cousin Wil!
  • We had a few fun outings with friends.
  • We got to spend a few days watching Ava.
  • We went to the Bethany Pool by our house a handful of time.
  • We got a new AC!
  • Misa and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.
  • We had a youth group girls sleepover.
  • I went to California for the 2nd time to attend the Celebrate Recovery Summit.
  • With the youth group Chloe got to: Go to several Area Wide Teen Worships about the Metro area, help out at the Luther Service Center, game nights, a lock-in, and participate in a ropes course.
  • I also taught with Amber the girls class for our 4th summer!
Over all it was a great summer! It was different than summer past as the gap between them seems to be widening causing Chloe and Allie to bicker and fight more. There were a few moments of  sister laughing and bonding that still give me hope that one day they can be the best of friends that they once were. I also realized this summer that summers are just going to get busier and busier and the time I get to spend doing things with them will be shorter and shorter. They are wanting to do more on their own and don't need me as much and I know this is the natural progression and it means that I have instilled a confidence in them I want them to have but I won't lie, this summer was a little lonelier than in years past. We made some good memories this summer and I am a much more present mom than I have been able to be in the past. I am thankful for this summer and anytime I get with my girlies!
Last Day of Summer Snowcones

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