Monday, July 9, 2012

Running Update!!

I know that I have not been posting every week about running like I used to but I wanted to say that I AM still running 3 days a week. Usually I run 2.5 miles 2 days a week and a 5K once a week. I have also been seeing an infertility specialist. I have had 2 procedures and lost of tests and medications and medication adjustments which has brought some "bumps" in the road of my running journey . So I have decided that for the time just to stick with the distances I am comfortable with but I have started to challenge myself with trying different speeds and running different places. I love it when my Nike+ says "400 meters to go!" I push the speed on the treadmill as high as I can run and just go! I still love it and I am committed. I also think it has just become part of me and my routine! I still text my running coach after every run for accountability but I also WANT to run. When I started to blog about it is was more that I was trying to talk myself into it and I knew that I wouldn't quit if I was writing every week and being encouraged by so many people! So even if I do not blog about it every week I feel like I have made a life change and just put one more thing in my life that keeps me on the road to health!

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