Sunday, June 3, 2012

Couch 2 5K 2 5 Miles: Week 23

This was my first full week back to running. It was hard to just take it easy. I wanted to do what I did before surgery. I just listened to my body and did what I could. These were my workouts:

After getting adjusted by my chiro I headed to the gym and stretched for 10 minutes before I stepped on the treadmill. I was able to run .80 of this and I walked the rest.


On Wednesday night we had all the youth group girls over to spend the night and so on Thursday morning I took Allie and her 2 friends and headed to the Y. I was able to run 1.5 of this run but not in a row. I kept hitting a wall at 1/2  a mile. But I was pleased that I was able to do more than I did on Tuesday.
With my next 5K on Saturday night I took my running coach's advice and ran a mile the day before the race. I did take a minute walk break in the middle of this run but I really pushed myself to run it. And I was able to do my FAVORITE part of my Nike+ is when it says "400 meters to go" I bump it up to 6.3 until the end of the run!
It was a great first week back to my routine and it felt good and I am excited to keep moving forward.

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