Sunday, June 3, 2012

5K Race #2: Downtown Dash

The day after my first 5K I signed up for my 2nd 5K... The Downtown Dash! It is a race sponsored by Saint Anthony's Hospital at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday June 2nd. When I signed up I did not know that I would have to have surgery in the middle of May. I was able to return to running the week of the race. I was determined to do it even if I had to walk it! At 6:00 p.m. we headed downtown and Misa and Chloe ate dinner (I had eaten Salmon and Steamed Veggies before we left). And then we waited around for the race to start. This race was a lot different then my first race. This race was less than 700 people and it just felt a lot more laid back. I did lose my pre-workout drink and so I was bummed about that. It was VERY humid as well but I was determined! My sister decided to run it with me but I told her that I would probably be walking some because I was still not up to where I was before surgery.
A little before 8:00 p.m. we lined up. I set my Nike+ and got my music sorted. They pulled the trip and we were off. Heather and I were able to run the first 1/2 mile together and then I needed to walk more because of the humidity I think then not having the stamina. The rest of the race was a lot of walking and running. When I would look up when I was walking I would make myself run to the next stop sign walk for a little and then run to the next stop sign. It was a pretty run through a really nice neighborhood with big beautiful older houses. When I got closer to the end I could tell I was close so I just took off and ran as FAST as I could for about the last 1/4 mile! I couldnt believe I had finished the race in 42 minutes with as much walking as I felt I had done. It was a great night and it felt great that Chloe and Misa came to cheer me on!

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