Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michigan Memories!

God has TREMENDOUSLY blessed me by allowing me to be part of the Brazle family!  For it is only through God (not blood) that we are related.  LOONNNGGG story short, Pete and Janine met Misa's family when they were missionaries in Catacamas Honduras (Misa was 7 and Claudia was 1) while their mother was battling MS.  She lost her battle within a year of diagnosis and so began the Brazle/Escobar family journey. When Misa was 17 they brought him to the US to go to school and they began the process to legally adopt his sister Claudia. Pete is a minister is Clawson Michigan just outside Detroit and so Misa received his degree from Rochester Christian before coming to OC where we met.  Misa and I have been together for 7 years so we have made several trips to Michigan in that time but I really enjoy coming in the summer.

We left on Thursday when Misa got off work and arrived on late Friday evening after stopping on Thursday night. As soon as the girls woke up the were headed for their favorite place at the Brazle house.... THE TRAMPOLINE & TIRE SWING
Oscar also made the trip with us and enjoyed jumping on the Trampoline! He also got to meet his Aunt Chaco.  Oscar was a good submissive puppy but wanted soooo much for Chaco to play with him!

Saturday we headed to one of my favorite places in Michigan COSTCO! (Once you have shopped there you will never go to Sams again!)

That evening we headed to some friends of Pete and Janine's for a cookout and a dip in their pool!

Sunday we went to church with Pete and Janine where Pete preached a great lesson on the law and then we headed to Wendy's for lunch with everyone and Misa's roommate from college, Jon Mills, and his wife Taylor came. That evening I made Honduran spaghetti for everyone.

Monday Janine and I went out and did some birthday shopping for Misa. Monday was also Pete and Janine's 24th wedding anniversary and so Pete planned a special surprise romantic dinner in the backyard in which we all served and some of us entertained!

The night ended with all of us piling in the living room and watching SCHOOL OF ROCK!

Tuesday we had a busy day finishing up shopping for Misa's birthday and preparing for his birthday dinner with his Michigan friends (Jon & Taylor and the Remsing Crew). "Uncle Drew" and Kate also stopped by for a short visit. Janine is great at coming up with fun things for the girls to do so they tyedyed t-shirts together that day before the party!

Pete cooked some great steaks on the grill and we made smores in the fire pit for dessert!

Wednesday Misa, Chloe, and me headed to the Chrysler museum.

Honestly I was not REAL excited about going but it was VERY interesting and I love watching Misa look at mechanical things like engines. It is like you can see his mind working!  In the basement is all the muscle cars and Chloe got to take a picture in a prowler!
After the museum we headed to what is one of the coolest stores I have EVER been to called FIVE BELOW! Everything is $5 or less and it had soooo many cool things!

In the afternoon, the girls and I went roller skating with the youth group! This was Allie's first time to roller skate and Chloe's second time!

They both did great with a few little falls and bumps and bruises. I rediscovered my childhood love for roller skating and almost skated the entire time!
Wednesday night we headed to church and then back to Pete and Janine's to get packed up!

Thursday we headed to Grand Rapids to visit with Ron and Dorothy. No trip to Michigan is complete without seeing our favorite Auntie Lou.

 We then spent the afternoon at Lake Michigan at Tunnel park!

Jon and Taylor stopped by on their way to a family camping trip.

Oscar was not allowed to come to the beach because of a no dog policy so he spent the day at Camp Bow Wow! He did great and got a great a good report card.

That night we celebrated Misa's birthday with his grandparents and Nana made his favorite dessert.... NANA'S APPLE PIE!
 We had a great time in Michigan just spending time with family! Although it was hot for the Michigan natives we really enjoyed the 85-95 degree weather! We took lots of walks and several bike rides in the evenings and I really enjoyed drinking tea outside in the morning and eating the most AMAZING blueberries for breakfast!

If it were not for the winter I would move to Michigan just for the blueberries and the five below store!

Lesson Learned: 1.God-made families are such a blessing and it is always good for my heart to look at the journey that brought us together. 2. Getting out of my everyday environment is good for my family to renew and reconnect.

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