Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Those that know me well know that I HATE being cold and my favorite part of the year is July.  Most people do not enjoy triple digit heat summer but I live for it!

For me it means, swimming, snow cones, homemade Popsicles, sonic happy hour, and most importantly time lots of time with my girls.  I really feel like God as tremendously blessed me with my job at Udining. 

When I came to OC 6 years ago I was just looking for a place where I could support my girls but be home in the evenings.  A man that would come to be one of the most influential men in my life ,Neil Arter, spoke to the food service on my behalf and August of 2004 I moved to campus and began my career with the food service. 

Neil and I on graduation day. He hooded me at graduation.
When I started I was the student manager and since then I have moved to more of an office roll where I am still involved with the students but also help customers and the day to day paperwork.  I love that I get to work with soooo many international students and help students learn about work ethic and time management.  I honestly have the BEST boss in the world.  Kurt has always realized that my job as mom as the most important.  I have really struggled with my health the last 5 years and he has always been sensitive and understanding.  He also let me get my degree as I worked for him.  This meant that I was constantly running in and out going and coming from class and because of his support and allowing me to work and go to school, I graduated from college in December 2009! 

Kurt and I on graduation day!
I also basically get summers off and so me and the girls get spend a lot of time together and I know that these are times and memories I will always treasure.  So, as a lot of people are counting the days until cooler weather I hold dearly to these days of triple digits!
Allie and Oscar staying cool in the triple digits!

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