Monday, March 18, 2013

A Father, Father, and Daughter Dance!

Allie attended her first "Father Daughter Dance" a few Fridays ago. When she first came home with the information I did not want to influence what she would do. I assumed that she take either Misa or her dad but little did I know that she asked Misa to go and then asked her dad to go too. They both agreed to go and came together for Allie. I think the biggest thing I LOVE about this situation is that in her mind this worked and was not awkward at all. They danced the night away and Allie was the happiest I had ever seen her! She got all dressed up! We got her hair done at the salon and I even did her make-up! I am so thankful that the relationship exists between all of us and for the healing that only comes for God!

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